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AdventureTech was founded in 2001 to offer responsible, reliable, and dependable service and products to our existing and future customers. To gather around us like-minded individuals who wish to grow their expertise and careers.

AdventureTech is committed to assisting you with the full life-cycle of your companies IT and Business needs. Our solutions have cost-effective and proven track records as we specialize in fostering long term relationships with our clients and their on-going needs.

While other companies may focus on their personal growth at your expense, AdventureTech is able to offer sensible reality-based keys to your companies success without the exorbitant price tag. If experience and quality are the cornerstones to your IT business needs, then AdventureTech can deliver.


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"AdventureTech, the first choice in guiding companies through the intimidating jungle of technology"



IBM i multiple functioning tool set to aid in wide array of software development such as web responsive development, enhance current application functionality, enhance new software development, to name a few.

iSafari started life as a server interface between an external HTTP server and RPG programs. It has evolved over the years since 2001 to become at its core, an HTTP server that is streamlined to serve documents & to guide the processing of data. It has it’s own user management controls allowing you to setup/manage users who are IBM i users as well as those who are not. The system also contains it’s own Document Management System which is integrated into the user management & security system. Another part of the security system is the mapping of Application & Option ID's to RPG programs & HTML docs.

So... based on what you have read so far, all you need to remember is that the system handles authentication, verification & management of users & their requests, you get to do the rest.

Now comes the fun part... writing web pages using CSS & javascript!!!!!

Just the other day a friend & I was working on a complicated web app that was determining on the fly choices & content based on previously entered choices, and it was tough. We started reminiscing that for about half our careers, we were locked into using telnet (greenscreen) presentations that didn't even allow us to contemplate that there was a bigger world of choices out there. Then we started feeling sorry for those programmers out there still doing telnet, because they will never understand that life after DDS is amazing!.

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iConga™ is a native IBM i two way messaging system allowing capture, transmittal and remote response to system messages from any email or texting device.

*SYSOPR messages may be answered remotely without the need to login to your system.
Multiple message queues, including user message queues, may be monitored simultaneously and independently with multiple recipient rollwait functionality.

Explicit message type subset monitoring, message logging and user level security are inherent to this product.

A separate product subsystem ensures application independence and availability.

A 30 day free trial is available from AdventureTech.

AdventureTech does NOT charge based upon tier or processor size.
No additional charge for LPARs.

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